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Start / Aktualności » Summer time in Kalisz 2017
2017-06-23 / Summer time in Kalisz 2017
High summer season and with it tourist traffic, and on this occasion as host on our city we propose you some holidays attractions such as... Here are our suggestions.

Town Hall Tower
Is available for a tourist and everyone, who wants see the city from above.
Visiting the tower belongs to the greatest attractions of the city. That's the only place, where you can admire the beautiful, breathtaking view of Kalisz, it's medieval order of the streets, red roofs and magnificent churches. We provide a guide and entrance is free.
The guides are waiting for visitors at Weekends on Saturday and Sunday at 1pm. 2pm. 3 pm. 4 pm. and 5 pm.

Historic Bus SAN
Courses every Saturday till the end of August 2017.

Start from "Stefan bench" (Kanonicka street, planty, near across Kanonicka and Parczewskiego Street)

Courses at 12am, 2pm and 4pm: 7,27 of May, 3,10,11,17,24 of June, 1,8,15,22,29 of July, 5,12,19,26 of August  

Sightseeing town by Historic Bus SAN with Kalisz guide from the PTTK. It is free.
Bus timetable: ''Stefciowa Ławeczka'' ( Kanonicka/Planty street) – Plac Jana Pawła II – Plac św. Józefa – Kolegialna – Sukiennicza – Aleja Wolności – Plac Wojciecha Bogusławskiego – Częstochowska – Zawodzie – Nowy Świat – Rogatka – Śródmiejska – Parczewskiego - ''Stefciowa Ławeczka'' (Kanonicka/ Planty Street)

Market with antique, handcraft, books and souvenirs
01-07-2017, 12 am till 6 pm
02-07-2017, 12 am till 6 pm
15-07-2017, 12 am till 6 pm
16-07-2017, 12 am till 6 pm
29-07-2017, 12 am till 6 pm
30-07-2017, 12 am till 6 pm
19-08-2017, 12 am till 6 pm
20-08-2017, 12 am till 6 pm
16-09-2017, 12 am till 6 pm
17-09-2017, 12 am till 6 pm
23-09-2017, 12 am till 6 pm
24-09-2017, 12 am till 6 pm
Rozmarek Square, across Targowa and Przechodnia Street

Also we are encourage to rent a water bikes on Saturday and Sunday from 10am till 6pm
(renting a water bikes is possible on the good weather)

Water bikes – 1 hour – 12 zł (gross price)

Wał Piastowski
Harbor Kalisz

Grafika kalendarz imprez
Banner, Szlak Piastowski