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2016-08-04 / Kalisz in August
Our suggestions for August.

Summer with Radio
Annual outdoor event of an entertaiment and music.
The concerts is also an excellent opportunity to promote Kalisz arena nationwide. Listen ones(Polish Radio) will remeber about attractions monuments and curiosites associated with the city.
Is a good treat for a music fans on August 6 in Kalisz.
The event starts on 16-23 (Pola Marsowe, Dobrzec)
X Anniversary an International Tournament Streetball 3x3
10 edition of kalisz streeball will back to kalisz and it again in an outstanding form.The event become most famous street basketball tournament in Poland,and the only one with recognized brand in Europe and the World.
In the edition of 2014 and 2015 in our tournament took off more than 110 teams from 49 Polish city and in the individual competitions played under the name Battle 4 Poland was attended by the athletes from the Us, Australia, Italy,France,Austria, Greece,Russia and Polish.
Dribbles The ball, Dance, and enjoy the best in action.
19-21 August (Pola Marsowe* Kalisz*Poland)
The Third an International Handball Tournament( Szczypiorno Cup)
Eight Teams, including five of PGNiG Superleague.
There Is allready the third tournament of handball Szczypiorno Cup played at Kalisz Arena hall.
In three days ,will be played 12 games.
Ticket for the event can be purchased at http://www.bilet.pax.pl/kat/0/3/
The tournament will run from 5-7 August.
Town Hall Tower
Is available for a tourist and everyone,who wants see the city from above.
Visiting the tower belongs to the greatest attractions of the city.
That's the only place,where you can admire the beautiful,breathtaking view of Kalisz.It's medieval order of the streets,red roofs and magnificent churches.
We provide a guide and entrance is free.
The guides are waiting for a visitors from Monday till Friday every hour at:
10 am, 11 am, 12 am, 1 pm and 2 pm.
Weekends 11-16 every hour.


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