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Start / Aktualności » Summer time in Kalisz
2016-08-03 / Summer time in Kalisz
High summer season and with it tourist traffic,and on this occasion as host on our city we propose you some holidays attractions such as... Here are our suggestions.

Town Hall Tower
Is available for a tourist and everyone,who wants see the city from above.
Visiting the tower belongs to the greatest attractions of the city. That's the only place, where you can admire the beautiful, breathtaking view of Kalisz, it's medieval order of the streets, red roofs and magnificent churches. We provide a guide and entrance is free.
The guides are waiting for visitors from Monday Till Friday every hour at
10 am,11 am,12 am, 1 pm, and 2 pm.
Weekends 11-16 every hour.

Rental boats
On warm summer days the organizers and Prosna River invite to hire boats of Kalisz harbor.
The boats for hire are free:)
Find them and swim along scenic river.
Opening hours
Monday-Friday 12-18
Saturday-Sunday 10-18

Music market
Series of musical meetings taking place on the Town Hall Square.
Every week our hearts and thoughts sometimes even legs provides music artists which presents the
diffrent musical genres such as..
Soul,Jazz,Opera,Funky,Blues,Folk,Rock sound energy and even poetic sensibility.
Further meetings will be held on:
29.07,30.07,5.08,12.08,26.08,27.08 The musical show starts at 20

More about upcoming events and attractions will keep on our website.

Pleasant stay

Because Kalisz is really ''cool'' city


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