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Start / Aktualności » ''Kalisz – young at heart, the oldest city in Poland''
2016-02-15 / ''Kalisz – young at heart, the oldest city in Poland''
If you want to keep your memories of visiting Kalisz alive, think about an album, that shows the variety of the city.
The book (hardback), we offer, includes following chapters:

- Origin,
- Spiritual heritage,
- Interesting places,
- Events,
- Places to relax,
- The environs of Kalisz.

By reading the book, you will learn, why Kalisz is called ''the oldest city'' in Poland. It presents the most significant temples, streets and avenues with a long history and interesting architecture. The authors describe international events, held in Kalisz, that receive the best reviews, festivals of performing arts, fairs and music festivals. The city has also places to relax, such as parks, boulevards, sports fields, but also galleries of art. You can read about these places in the album, as well. The authors write also about several interesting places near Kalisz like Gołuchów or Opatówek.
One of advantages of the book is a great collection of pictures.
You can buy the book ''Kalisz – young at heart, the oldest city in Poland'' at the Tourist Information Centre.

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