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Kalisz in August
obrazek Kalisz in August więcejOur suggestions for August.
Kalisz in August przycisk więcej
Summer time in Kalisz
obrazek Summer time in Kalisz więcejHigh summer season and with it tourist traffic,and on this occasion as host on our city we propose you some holidays attractions such as... Here are our suggestions.
Summer time in Kalisz przycisk więcej
''Kalisz – young at heart, the oldest city in Poland''
obrazek ''Kalisz – young at heart, the oldest city in Poland'' więcejIf you want to keep your memories of visiting Kalisz alive, think about an album, that shows the variety of the city.
''Kalisz – young at heart, the oldest city in Poland'' przycisk więcej
The Town Hall Tower for winter holidays
obrazek The Town Hall Tower for winter holidays więcejWinter holidays in Kalisz have begun. Kalisz' pupils have now two weeks off. On these days the tower is available for tourists and everyone, who wants to see the city from above.
The Town Hall Tower for winter holidays przycisk więcej
Christmas Market in Kalisz
obrazek Christmas Market in Kalisz więcejChristmas Markets become more and more popular in Poland. In our city you will also have a chance to discover beautiful gifts, delicious treats and hand-crafted items.
Christmas Market in Kalisz przycisk więcej
42. International Jazz Piano Festival
obrazek 42. International Jazz Piano Festival więcejThe 3-day celebration of jazz starts on Friday 27 November 2015. This event brings together musicians from different parts of the globe and makes Kalisz a city of jazz.
42. International Jazz Piano Festival przycisk więcej
Meet Niecała Street!
obrazek Meet Niecała Street! więcejFor the third time one of the smallest but also one of the most interesting streets in Kalisz is going to celebrate. Come on Saturday and move back to the 19th and 20th century.
Meet Niecała Street! przycisk więcej
obrazek Information więcejWe're closed on Sunday (13.09.2015).
Information przycisk więcej
''Gramy nad Prosną'' Music Festival
obrazek ''Gramy nad Prosną'' Music Festival więcejOn Friday and Saturday you can hear to Polish music bands. Visit Świętego Stanisława Street in the centre and enjoy the sounds of competition and the performance of a famous Polish band Dżem.
''Gramy nad Prosną'' Music Festival przycisk więcej
Food Truck Festival
obrazek Food Truck Festival więcejFor the very first time many Food Trucks are coming to our city. From 21 to 23 August you just have to be there!
Food Truck Festival przycisk więcej
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